Cured Bath chaps, Button Soup styleLike most twenty-something year old professional cooks in the last ten years, I went through a bit of a charcuterie phase.

Curing and smoking bacon at home was one of the first truly transforming food experiences I ever had.  Bacon was something that I only knew in its anemic, commercial form; the homemade is robust and flavourful, and it really shocked me.  And the smell of smoke stuck in my clothes for the next day or so.  Making bacon really affected me.

From there I went on to cure hams, make sausages, and explore many of the mildly grotesque aspects of charcuterie, like working with blood and skin.  I think this is by far the most thorough section of Button Soup.

General Info

Ham and Other Brined Cuts of Meat
Patés, Terrines
Air-Dried Meat
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