About Allan Suddaby

I’m a chef and food educator in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  I instruct for the Department of Culinary Arts and Food Studies at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology.

About Button Soup

Button Soup is my personal website and blog.  I use it to record recipes, notes, and ideas on food.  You can use it as a tool for finding and cooking good food at home.

Things you are likely to find on Button Soup:

  • information on sourcing local food, whether farmed or foraged;
  • technical notes on craft food traditions like meat-cuttingcharcuterie, brewing, and making cider, cheese, and vinegar;
  • details on the many cooking classes that I lead for organizations like Metro Continuing Education;  I also post the handouts and recipes from those classes on Button Soup;
  • Oxford commas.

Things you are less likely to find on Button Soup:

  • restaurant reviews;
  • highly-polished food photography;
  • emoticons.

Thanks for visiting Button Soup!


The personal website of Edmonton chef Allan Suddaby