A heard of cattle at the Pine Haven Colony outside Wetaskiwin, Alberta.


Beef is not really good for us, especially fine, fatty, juicy, expensive beef.  The environment is certainly not improved by the sheer number of cattle we raise.  World hunger will never be solved by our eating so much so high on the food chain.  And, according to some feminists, beef-eating is somehow connected with testosterone and the hideous control of human society by guys.  But to deny our occasional need for the chewy, bloody, raw, primeval, primordial, ferrous, feral, slightly rotten taste of beef is to deny our very chromosomes, our human inheritance.  We should consume beef infrequently, but when we do, we should buy only the most tender, rich, juicy, and flavorful beef we can afford, and grill it over wood or charcoal.

-Jeffrey Steingarten, my favourite living food writer, in his book It Must’ve Been Something I Ate.


Cured Beef


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