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Rice Crackers

Rice crackers with yellowfin tuna, cucumber, chili, and cilantro.

There is a recipe for rice crackers in the Eleven Madison Park cookbook that really caught my eye. In a nutshell: over-cook some sushi rice, then roll it into a thin sheet between two pieces of parchment. Next, dry out the sheet of rice in a low oven or dehydrator. Once it is nice and hard, break into desired shapes and deep-fry. I was fascinated by this recipe because the procedure is identical to chicharrón but applied to a wildly different ingredient. What other starches or grains could this be applied to? Lentils? Pearl barley? Pinto beans?

My first attempt at the recipe was only a moderate success. As the sheet of rice dried several cracks developed. The final dried … Continue reading.

How to Turn Bread into Crackers

Crackers made from a stale loaf of breadI admit that this post sounds like something from Martha Stewart or Canadian Living.  I’m okay with that, because I love making these crackers, especially at this time of year.

Did you know that almost any loaf of crusty bread can be turned into a cracker?

For a fine, uniform texture use dense breads like European rye.  For an elegant open texture use bubbly breads like ciabatta or baguette.  The trick is figuring out how to slice them thin with the tools you have on hand, which is especially difficult for the open-textured breads.  If you partially freeze the loaves you should be able to slice them cleanly with a serrated knife, or a meat slicer.

Cut the bread into … Continue reading.