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Duck Rillette with Gelée and Crackling

Duck rillette with gelée and crackling

There are a few terrines and pâtés in the Eleven Madison Park cookbook that are capped with gelée. One that especially interested me is rabbit rillette topped with violet mustard gelée. I had only ever seen rillette topped with rendered lard, not a gelatin-rich liquid. Also I had only seen rillette presented in a ramekin, or perhaps shaped into quenelles, or spread on toast; I had never seen it treated more like a terrine, sliced into tidy rectangles. It’s a great example of the finesse that distinguishes these dishes from ones you would get in a bistro or brasserie. I set out to make my own version of terrine de rillette with gelée.

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Lamb Shank with Panisse, Tomato, Peppers

Lamb Shank with panisse, yogurt, warm tomato and green pepper salad.

This is a dish of ancho-braised lamb shank with panisse, squash, yogurt, and a warm salad of tomato, charred green pepper, cilantro, and pumpkinseeds.

While the components are compatible and well-integrated, there were many disparate inspirations.

Core Elements and Inspirations

  • I like to have one braised item on every menu. It is an essential technique for my students to learn, it’s a good balance to the many lean pan-roasted or grilled proteins on our menu, and it helps simplify service as it can be hot-held. I decided lamb shank would be this season’s braise.
  • I was eager to serve panisse with lamb.
  • I love lamb and yogurt.
  • I was also keen to feature the peeled cherry tomatoes discussed in this
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