And Now for Something Completely Different

Well, not completely different. But for sure different.

For reasons that I can’t fully explain at the moment, I am going to be posting about the following:

  • professional cooking in restaurants,
  • fine-dining,
  • composed dishes,
  • “modernist” cooking, including: equipment like immersion circulators and Rational ovens; ingredients like xanthan gum and agar agar; preparations like gels and foams; concepts like fusion or making one ingredient look like another,
  • food presentation and plating, and
  • foreign/global ingredients, cuisines, and concepts.

…which is the opposite of what I have done for the last thirteen years.

Also there will be many, many references to Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook, which I will variously refer to as the EMP cookbook or EMP. Just a heads up!