Soft-Boiled Egg as Conveyance for Fine Oils

Steirische Eierspeise (“Styrian egg dish”) is scrambled eggs gently cooked in the mind-blowing pumpkinseed oil of that Austrian province.  Styrian pumpkinseed oil is a deep forest green, and has a powerful aroma of roasted nuts.  I brought back a couple litres of this oil, and started making this dish with soft-boiled eggs still in their shell, instead of the traditional scramble.  As the egg yolk is fatty, it mingles perfectly with the oil.  Basically a simple way of enriching the quality oil, or flavouring the quality yolk, depending on your take.

While I haven’t found any pumpkinseed oils here that begin to approximate the heady aromas of the Styrian version, I have tried this dish with some of the canola, hemp, and flaxseed oils produced in our backyard.

The process.  Cook a whole egg, in the shell, for five minutes in gently simmering water, so the whites have set, but the yolk is still runny.

Crack the shell to expose the top of the egg, then use a spoon to remove the top of the white.  Rest the egg on a bed of coarse salt, and spoon half a tablespoon of flavourful, cold-pressed oil into the yolk.  Add a pinch of salt and enjoy.


Soft-boiled egg with pumpkinseed oil

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